tiistai 15. helmikuuta 2011

Lounaalla Polanskyn kanssa (2)

Friteerattua kalaa ja lihamureketta hotelli-ravintola Uotissa. Jossa esiinnymme ensi lauantaina Paul edellä.
            ”When we had our first lunch here, you asked me if I’d been in any exciting adventures. I said no. Later I realised I just didn’t want to talk about them because I thought they wouldn’t be anything compared to yours. But I have been in adventures. I went to the army. I’ve been in a relationship.”
            ”Well. Experience can come from anything."
            Syömme, kunnes kysyn:
            ”So do you have any fears?"
            ”Well. I don’t fear people. At my age... c’mon.”
            (Kosovossa asuessaan Paul sai useita tappouhkauksia ja albanialaiset yrittivät useaan otteeseen kaapata hänet.)
            Tauko, sitten: ”I used to be afraid of heights but then I took that on by learning how to fly a plane."
            Käyn santsaamassa. Palatessani Paul jatkaa:
            ”And the only time I remember being jealous at somebody was when I was young and I envied people who were older than me and had more experience.”
            Hädin tuskin saatuamme syödyksi meitä kehotetaan siirtymään baarin puolelle häiritsemästä ystävänpäivälounastavia sysmäläisiä. Paul siemailee ystävänpäiväviiniään, minä en mitään.
            ”You should try and remember to write something every day. It’s like how an athlete does it. You have a muscle in your brain and you need to keep it busy. Just write something every day. I regret not keeping a diary of my first year in Spain... But recently I’ve been in contact with my first wife for the first time in 40 years... It was a bitter break-up. But we have a nice relationship now. She remembers things I don’t and vice versa.”
            Viini loppuu.
            ”I also wrote a novel on bullfighting while living in Spain. Great novel... I have no idea what happened to it... I might have it on a disc somewhere.”

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